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(NEW Fitness Photo Shoot)

Hello Everyone!  My Passion is to Ignite Health, Fitness, Strength, Passion, Peace, Love & Joy into each of your lives! 🙂

(New Fitness Shoot)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  “Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good & His Love endures Forever!” ~ Pslams 107

Thanksgiving is not only a very special  day of the year but also a Attitude of the Heart of Love, Joy & Thankfulness to have every day of the year! 🙂

“Rooted & Grounded in Love, Strengthened in the Faith as you were taught & overflowing with Thankfulness!” ~ Colossians 2:7

My Family is everything to me!  I enjoyed spending quality time with my Mom, Dad & brother Isaac on Thanksgiving!  I am very close with my family & love them so very much!  Make sure to tell your family how much of a blessing they are to you & show how much you love them! 🙂  Life is a Gift & Every Breath a Gift!  Cherish & Enjoy every moment & LIVE it to the Fullest! 🙂

MY DAD! <3

<3 My MOM & I

<3 My Younger Brother Isaac!

My Brother Isaac, My Mom & Dad!

What am i up to!  Im enjoying training for photo shoots that are coming up!  I am also training for a major fitness billboard photo shoot that I am honored to do!  I love Training hard, it is My Lifestyle & it does a Mind, Body & Spirit good! 🙂

(In above Photo shooot, Im wearing ‘Shawn Rene by Rogiani Couture!’ Elisabetta Rogiani who i adore is a celebrity designer & her I brain storm & design outfits together for my photo shoots & competitions.  We are working on “Shawn Rene by Rogiani Couture” & will be out soon!)  I love designing & creating!

I enjoy doing photo shoots, it is a lot of fun & is an expression of yourself.  Photo shoots are a great reward for training hard!

I love having goals & having the eye of the tiger to accomplish those goals!

(FitnessRX Magazine Feature)

(NEW Fashion Photo Shoot)

(Fitness photo shoot in California)                                                                         (FitnessRX For Women Magazine Feature Photo Shoot)


I am also very passionate about training others & bringing out the best in them & in their health & fitness!  I enjoy training clients from Celebrities to Professional Athletes to Advanced to Every Fitness Level & Age to ingnite them in peak health & fitness condition.  I also work on clients Nutrition as Nutrition is a major part of your Health & Fitness.

(FitnessRX For Women Magazine Photo Shoot Workout Feature)

I am also passionate about teaching my fitness classes, that i created & love teaching!  I teach Tai Chi, Yoga, Ballet, Dance, Pilates & Fitness Classes i created called,  “Cross Fusion”, “Booty Blast” & “The Skinny Jeans Workout.” Cross Fusion i teach on the Football field & is a intense total body conditioning workout.  I am a sprinter & i love training on the football field & training hard in sprints & bleachers!  I incorperate 100 yard & 50 yard full out sprints on the football field, Track work on the Track, Bleacher Sprints & Plyometrics on the Bleachers for upper body & lower body.  I also like to use the football statiums rails as a ballet bar.  Incorperating a lot of my favorite ballet exercises as well as flexibility exercises.  I also incorperate a lot of speed & agility exercises & well as ab shredded exercises.  I have athletes & sports teams take those classes & it really preps them to be their best condition for the sports.  “Booty Blast!” is a Fitness class i created to sculpt a Fitness booty & to get others booty is tip top shape!  It is a hot hit, combination of my favorite glute exercises & it’s all about the booty & i add in a lot of abdominal sculpting exercises.  I combine weight training, speed agiliy & ballet.   The Skinny Jeans Workout is a Workout that i created to have both women & men look & feel their absolute best in Skinny Jeans!  I created specific exercises & is a combination of Weight Training, Speed, Agility, Pilates, Ballet & Yoga.  It is a total body conditioning fitness class.

I have a passion for youth & also honored & enjoying working with NCAA Division 1A University’s Exercise Science department & creating special Fitness classes for the University & teaching them!  I am also working with the Universities female Equestrian team, teaching them private Yoga training, to help them be their best Equestrian athlete!  I am really enjoying having international students as well take my classes.  It really blesses me to be able to touch their lives & educate & teach them about health & fitness & inspire them!  It makes me happy when they tell me I make their day, really means a lot to me!  My goal is to touch others lives for Life & to increase the quality of life in others lives!

I am looking forward to helping my clients achieve all of their health & fitness goals & the best is yet to come!~  Your BEST Days are AHEAD of You!

My Passion, Educating, Motivating You to Live in Health, Fitness, Strength, Passion & Joy Inside & Out!

~ <3 Shawn Rene 🙂

“Do not let anyone come to you with out making them feel Better, Healthier & Happier!” ~ ShawnRene 🙂

“Breath, Speak, Spread, Ignite LIFE, Love, Health, Passion & Joy into Others Lives!” ~ ShawnRene 🙂


My NEW Website is launching December 7, 2012!  I am very excited I have been working hard with a new webmaster to create entire new site & new features!

You can email me at [email protected] & tweet me at @ShawnReneFit & let me know what you would like to see on my website!