February 2013 Carribean Island of Aruba! Shawn Rene Zimmerman Zimmerman Family Vacation

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January-February 2013 Carribean Island of Aruba!


Enjoyed much needed relaxation of two weeks of Family Fitness Fun in the Sun in Carribean Island of Aruba Beach with my Family!  I was at my Carribbean vacation home on Aruba Beach, with my Dad, Mom, Brother Isaac.  Below are fun candid photos!

I enjoyed watching the NFL super bowl on the Carribean beach & by the pool on the big screen, NFL Ravens are our Football team, below candid photos of us getting excited for the NFL Ravens the week of the Superbowl!  Team Ravens Nation!

Below candid photos at Family Dinners on the Aruba Beach this week, family fun, pool time & Beach time!

Life is all about family & balance.

The Love of a Family is Lifes Greatest Blessing!

Sing in the Sun, Dance in the Rain, LIVE Life to the Fullest!  Spreading LIFE, Love, Health & Joy! ~Shawn Rene Zimmerman 🙂


ShawnReneZimmerman in Beach Bunny Swimwear

ShawnReneZimmermanCarribeanFeb2013 P1070905 ShawnReneZimmermanFitnessFamily

Family Photo! My Dad, Mom, Brother Isaac & I, Family dinner on Aruba Beach


Family Photo! My Dad, Mom, Brother Isaac, & while dining met a sweet Aruba model fan & now friend.  Family Dinner on the Beach!


At my favorite Golf & Country Club in the Carribean!  This is my favorite restaurant ever, I love the dining view over looking the Golf Course, I may turn into a Golfer, so peaceful 🙂


At my favorite Carribean Country Club & Golf Resort in Aruba, Tierra del sol Country Club Golf Resort

ShawnReneZimmerman Fitness ShawnReneZimmerman shawnrenezimmerman Shawn Rene Zimmerman Fitness Cover Model Shawn Rene Zimmerman Fitness Magazine Cover Model SHAWN RENE ZIMMERMAN FITNESS MAGAZINE COVER MODEL TV FITNESS MODEL SHAWN RENE ZIMMERMAN shawnrenezimmerman fitness shawnrenezimmerman shawnrenezimmerman SHAWNRENEZIMMERMAN SHAWNRENEZIMMERMAN SHAWNRENEZIMMERMANSHAWN RENE ZIMMERMAN



Cheering for my Brother & My Dad while they play Pool Volleyball Family Sports Fun!


Love the Beach!

ShawnReneZimmermaninBeachBunnySwimwear P1080326

Fun Candid Photo of My Dad & I Workout in Aruba Gym


My Mom caught fun candid photo of my Dad, Brother Isaac & I working out in the morning at the Aruba Gym Family Fitness Fun !

zimmerman fitness family

Dinner with my Family!  Brother Isaac,  Mom(taking photo!) & Dad & I

shawn rene zimmerman and brother isaac zimmerman

Family Island Fun!  My Brother Isaac & I 🙂  My awesome beach running partner! This photo makes me smile! 🙂

shawnrenezimmerman 543474_10200221153639089_761000093_n 16482_10200222179824743_1677328027_n76001_10200255713543065_11264816_n shawnrenezimmerman shawnrenezimmerman

Over looking the Balcony on the Golf Course & Ocean very peaceful

shawnrenezimmerman shawnrenezimmerman shawnrenezimmerman P1070674 P1070771-001



With My Brother & Dad


My Brother Isaac & I, seeing who has the highest reach!  He is 6’0 … 🙂


My Brother Isaac Dad & I


Family Photo at Simply Fish restaurant on Aruba Beach My Dad, Mom & Brother Isaac & I


My Brother Isaac & I


My Dad & Mom! LOVE THEM!!


My Brother Isaac & I


My Mom & Dad Love them!

P1080288 P1080146 P1080409

Carnaval Celebration Day in Aurba! 🙂  Hitting Dior on my way to the Gym they asked me to put on this hat to celebrate Carnaval day in Aurba fun day! 🙂

P1070965 P1070958 P1080207 P1080384

P1080415 While shopping on way to the Gym saw 007 bottle, love 007!

P1080420 Post intense Gym Workout in Aruba!


My Mom & I


My Brother Isaac, Me & My Dad!


My Brother Isac, Mom & Dad Love them!

P1070597 P1070548



My Brother Isaac, Dad & I on Aruba Beach

ShawnReneZimmerman in Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beach Workout in one of my favorite swim lines Beach Bunny Swim


Candid Photo yes i still work out even on vacation! 🙂 Hitting my power yoga workout!  🙂


Candid photo!  Vacation workout photo hitting morning Yoga Workout with My Mom! 🙂


Candid photo!  Speed Agility workout even on vacation have to get it on! 🙂


Happy Happy family time in the sun!


Pumped for the NFL Ravens!


Family Fitness Pool Fun!  My Dad & Brother Isaac!  My Dad enjoyed & excelled at Swimming & Diving growing up & my younger brother is a Lifeguard & awesome swimmer fitness fish! 🙂


My Dad & younger Brother Isaac Love them!


MY DAD! Love him! Fun family dinner on Aruba Beach


My Dad & Brother Isaac playing Pool on Aruba Beach!  Cool way to play Pool!

ShawnReneZimmerman P1080484 535642_10200224482882318_1695048067_n

Poolig it up with My Dad & Brother!


My Dad! Still Naturally Gladiator Fit at 58!  1980’s he won All Natural, Mr NPC Eastern Shore, Mr NPC Delaware,  TV Best Body on the Beach in Ocean City Maryland & NPC Mr Tri-State.   Love my dad!  Shows Health & Fitness & dedication is the foutain of youth!



Neat life size chess game on the Aruba Beach!

ShawnReneZimmermanCarribeanBeachFebruary2013inRedHeartHeathMonth ShawnReneZimmerman ShawnReneZimmermanonCarribeanBeachCheeringNFLRavensRavensNation

Running on Carribean Beach with my NFL RAVENS flag!


Working out on the Carribean Beach! Candid Photo doing Speed Agility, Sprints & Plyo Push Ups! 🙂


My brother Isaac & I


My Dad & I


Watching Super Bowl on the Big Screen on Aruba Beach! Pumped for NFL Super Bowl in my NFL Ravens Jersey Lets Go Ravens Nation! 🙂


Cherring for My Dad & Brother Isaac playing Pool Volleyball, My Dad & brother side by side, Dad on the left & my brother Isaac in lime green shorts jumping for the ball! Cool action shot!


My brother Isaac runnning on Aruba beach with NFL RAVENS flag week of super bowl!


Doing Workout on Carribean Beach of Aruba!


Running on Carribean Beach with my NFL RAVENS flag!  Week of Super Bowl! 🙂


Cherish every moment live life to the fullest!

558082_10200224471522034_699936334_n ZimmermanFitnessFamilyShawnReneZimmermansDadandBrother

Family Fitness! Take care of your Health & Fitness on vacation too! Family Fitness Workout in Aruba!  Candid action photo by Dad on machine & brother Isaac working out together!


Workout with My Dad & Brother Isaac Working on even on Vacation, make time for Health & Fitness Lifestyle! 🙂


Hitting morning workout in Aruba!  Morning after NFL Super Bowl Ravens Win!  Pumped in my NFL Ravens hat & NFL Ravens purple!


Family dinner by the Carribean Beach


Family Dinner with My Dad & Mom!  LOVE THEM!!!

ShawnReneZimmermanSwimwearFitnessCoverModel SHAWNRENEZIMMERMAN ShawnReneZimmermanFitnessCoverModel P1070705-001 ShawnReneZimmermanFitnessCoverModel ShawnReneZimmerman

Family Photo! My Dad, Mom, Brother Isaac, & while dining met a sweet Aruba model fan & now friend.  Family Dinner on the Beach!

More candid photos of my personal photos to add this week…

Igniting, Educating & Motivating You to LIVE In Health, Fitness Love Joy Inside & Out!

~Shawn Rene Zimmerman <3