International Travel: Family Island Vacation 2012

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Family Island Vacation 2012 Candid Photos

Family Island Vacation 2012 With My Dad, Mom & Brother Isaac!

Enjoying spending quality time on vacation with My Mom! My Mom & I at one of our favorite restaurants on the Ocean very relaxing!


My younger brother Isaac! Super Athlete & my favorite beach running partner!

Family Vacation Fitness Workout!  Working out with My Dad! Love My Dad!

Family Fitness Island Vacation workout with my brother isaac!

Love the Carribean Beach!  Hitting Run with my brother Isaac!

Enjoying Fun in the Sun with My DAD! Love him very much!!!

Family dinner!  Enjoying family time with my brother Isaac!


Family Fun in the Sun! Hitting the Pool with my Dad & Brother!

Family Dinner!  Love My Dad & Mom!


Family Dinner

I love the pillars! Candid photo finishing up great workout in the morning at one of my favorite Carribean Golf & Country Clubs!


Enjoying fun in the sun family time with my younger brother Isaac & My Dad!

Snapped quick photo of my Dad coming out of the Ocean Swimming with out him looking! ha!  LOVE MY DAD!

Enjoying Family time with My DAD! My DAD & I enjoying sun shine & beach walk together on the Carribean Beach

Family Dining at the Beach

Family Island Dinner Love My Mom & Dad!

Family Dinner on the Beach! My Mom! LOVE HER!

Family Island Vacation Morning Workout! Working out in the Gym with My Brother Isaac & Dad!

Snapped a Candid photo of my brother while working out together with The Eye of the Tiger!


Family Dinner


My younger brother Isaac, super athlete always knows how to make me smile! We always have a blast love him!

My favorite Beach Sprinting partner!

Love the Golf Course on the Ocean Relaxing!

The Golf Course on the Ocean I love it, Relaxation! I might turn into a golfer! 🙂


Dinner by the Pool Splish Splashing!

My brother Isaac & I, relaxing by the Pool

My brother Isaac & I

My Mom & Dad LOVE THEM!!!

Lounging with my brother enjoying fun times together

My Mom & I at one of our favorite restaurants very relaxing!

My Brother Isaac, Mom & Dad LOVE THEM!!!

Having fun!

Golf and Country Club on the Ocean

Love Light houses, Islands, Beachs & the Ocean beautiful & peaceful! 🙂

Snapped a photo of my Dad! I love the architecture of the Spa & Golf & Country Club very relaxing!

I love my family! My family is everthing to me! Cherish time with your family & let them know how much they mean to you & how much you love them!

~Shawn Rene 🙂 <3

“Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good & His Love endures Forever!” ~ Pslams 107

“Rooted & Grounded in Love, Strengthened in the Faith as you were taught & overflowing with Thankfulness!” ~ Colossians 2:7