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shawn rene zimmerman fitness cover model photo shoot celebrity trainer fitness expert

Wishing Everyone Happy New Year!  BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD! 🙂


New for 2014 I joined Instagram! You can follow me on My Official Instagram page @ShawnReneFit where I post Daily Positive Motivation, Daily Photos & Daily Fitness Videos in Action & Postive Life Messages & Motivation & Encouragement.

My Passion Educating, Motivating & Bringing Out the Best in You, Health, Fitness, Strength & Joy Inside Out!

Shawn Rene Zimmerman Fitness Fashion Lifesyle Modeling Photo Shoot Shawn Rene Zimmerman Fitness Cover Model shawn rene zimmerman fitness cover model photo shoot celebrity trainer fitness expert

Below are Photos of me demonstrating some of my Yoga Exercise Routines in one of my Fitness Videos!


View & Try Out Video with me demonstrating Yoga in Fitness Video in Video Post Below! 🙂

shawn rene zimmerman fitness cover model photo shoot training on football field and beach power yoga fitness video exercises




In this Video I am demonstrating a incredible new Exercise in one of my Workouts!  I am very excited about my new exercise of the week I would like to share it with you all to Challenge you! I like to challenge the body & keep it fun & exciting! I am performing here Pull-Ups with Leg extended in the air as high as possible & engaging the core.  The trick here is to keep your leg up as high as possible contracting your quads & keeping your core tight.  Try 3×25  ~Shawn Rene 🙂


Turn your Volume up for this 3rd Video! Are You Ready for some NFL Football?! Super Bowl 2014 Time! Football is Visual display of Warriors filled with Passion just like in every day Life. With Hard Work, Commitment to Excellence, Perseverance, Integrity, Dedication & Passion there are no limits in Life, When a Team of people come together for a Good Cause & Give it their all, end result will be Victory & History being met & Records set. There are no limits in life! Dream it Believe it See it Do it!-Shawn Rene @ShawnReneFit


Warm Your Body Up This Winter Spring time is on its Way!

What kind of Workouts do I do? I get lot emails asking what kind of workouts do I do, I am here to the rescue to motivate & encourage you that anything in life you want to accomplish you can, there are no limits in life! Health & Fitness is a Lifestyle, dont starve your self eat healthy to fuel your body with life! Choices you make now will effect you for years to come.  Schedule your workouts like an important date & event.  You only have one body you have to take the best care of it.  My personal workouts I like to keep fun, refreshing,  exciting & never boring.  My Workouts involve variety of Body Weight Exercises & variety of Weight Training,  Core Training, Pilates, Yoga, Speed Agility Training, Sprints, Track & Field, Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, TRX, Running & Strength Training. I have my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science I am an Exercise Physiologist & Exercise Science Specialist & Certified in Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Dance, Yoga & Pilates.  I teach Fitness classes & Personal Train others daily & passionate in helping others be healthy & fit!  If you want me as your coach & trainer for 2014 send me an email of your goals.  I love helping others be Healthy & Fit for Life time of Health & Fitness! Cheers to Health & Fitness & Your Best Days Are AHEAD! <3 Shawn Rene 😉

Video Below:  I love to incorperate Weight Training into my Workouts, Tone, Tighten & Target your Legs & Glutes with this Exercise I enjoy doing.  Elevated deep Lunges: I  Perform on bench & be sure your knees do not go past your toes.  Keep you head in line with your spine shoulders back & abs in tight.  Keep your back heel square & poped up which keeps your knees in healthy & proper alignment during the exercise.  Turn the volume up to get pumped up for NFL Super Bowl!  Shawn Rene 🙂 VIDEOlogo

ISAIAH 43:19 bible quote shawn rene zimmerman inspiration motivation encouragement fitness cover model world fitness champion celebrity trainer fitness expert positive life coach empowerment christian

Something GREAT is in your future!  Your BEST days are AHEAD! 🙂 – Isaiah 43 “For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun!  Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.  I will create rivers is the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43 <3 Sending You Love Health & Encouragement!  Strengthen your BODY MIND SOUL SPIRIT!  God wants us to be continually Growing in Health Happiness & Joy & Blessed Mind Body Soul Spirit!  Make someones day today Spread Kindness Love & Life! ~ Shawn Rene 😉

shawn rene zimmerman fitness cover model photo shoot celebrity trainer fitness expert

Nutrition Tips for 2014

Eating what’s quick, convenient, and tasty may fit your lifestyle for now,  but you may be subjecting yourself to progressively worsening health. If  you don’t shift to a healthier diet, someday sooner rather than later you’ll be  a young person in an old person’s body, wondering what happened. Below are foods you should avoid to age gracefully and avoid sickness.

Avoid These Food-Like Substances

1. Despite FDA press releases announcing its ban of trans fats trans-fatty processed hydrogenated oils are  still ubiquitous. Don’t use them for cooking or salad dressings. They’re less  expensive, but they’ve been processed only for creating a longer shelf life while shortening your time with a healthy life.

A similar tip: choose butter over margarine.  You’d might as well use molten plastic because  plastic and margarine have molecular similarities. Real butter is better. Use  only cold pressed oils, but refuse any version of Canola oil.

The Swedish Council on Health Technology has officially abandoned this theory, which has seen cardiac and obesity issues increase while consumers  frantically avoid healthy fats. Increased sugar and HFCS are at the root of  issues saturated fats have been blamed for.

3. Some consider refined sugar or sucrose poison. It  creates blood sugar spikes that ultimately affect you insulin response, leading  to obesity and diabetes. It creates an oxidation process that, ironically,  creates AGEs, or advanced glycation end-products or glycotoxins, which  are diverse oxidant compounds that help create several chronic diseases.  Minimize your sucrose intake.

4. Artificial sweeteners are worse than sucrose.  Ignore the aspartame and diet soda trap, too. You should actually avoid all sodas, including diet soda.  Aspartame is a neuron excitoxin that can excite brain cells to death, putting  you in the fast lane to dementia or even brain cancer.

5. You should also shun high fructose corn syrup  (HFCS). You can avoid this substance greatly by avoiding sodas  and even off the shelf fruit juices that aren’t low calorie or artificially  sweetened. But that’s not enough. Pastries, cookies, and candies usually contain  HFCS, but often dodge the issue by using the label “corn syrup”.

Natural fructose in fruit is metabolized slowly due to other components of  whole fruits. Concentrated HFCS used in processed foods and beverages  isn’t rapidly metabolized into energy like glucose. Half of it gets trapped as  fat in the liver, contributing to obesity, fatty liver, diabetes 2, or  cancer.

My Passion Educating, Motivating & Bringing Out the Best in You, Health, Fitness, Strength & Joy Inside Out!

Stay tuned for more Health, Fitness & Nutrition Tips!

<3 Shawn Rene 🙂

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shawn rene zimmerman fitness cover model photo shoot celebrity trainer fitness expert