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Health & Fitness is my lifestyle, being a TV Fitness Expert & TV Fitness Model & Fitness Cover Model & Trainer I enjoy always training hard preparing for next photo shoot or fitness project.  Being a National Fitness Champion & World Fitness Champion, health & fitness & helping others be healthy & fit is very important to me. I grew up being very passionate in health & fitness & passionate in helping others be healthy & fit.  When I was little, I always wanted to be a Doctor, I love science health & fitness & helping others feel & be better.  After completing my College Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, I looked into & toured Medical Schools, to become a Doctor.  Once I saw the cadaver lab of dead bodies, I knew it was not for me, I wanted to help people before they got to that spot.  I knew then, I wanted to concentrate on preventative medicine & preventative health & disease & injury prevention & athletic performance & sports medicine & holistic natural health nutrition to help others be healthy & fit, to prevent them from getting to that place on the cadaver lab.

It is my passion to help others be Healthy, Fit, improve their quality of life & athletic performance!  I enjoy working with, training & helping Athletes of various sports, Collegiate Athletes, Professional Athletes & Golfers, NCAA Division 1A Women’s Golf Team, Pro Golfers & PGA Golf Pros with their Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Conditioning & Yoga, helping them perform their best for their sport & for golf.  Golfing requires precise articulate movements that require specific physiology body mechanics, flexibility, incredible range of motion, strong core, balance, strong posture, strong legs & all with precise form.  Specific total body conditioning, strength training & Pilates & Yoga are excellent forms along with specific exercise, I incorporate to help with the fitness conditioning of Golfers.

This week I got to go from helping Golfers in their Health & Fitness to actually suiting up & hitting the Golf course myself. As thank you for working with Golf Team on their Fitness, Pro Golfer takes me to the Golf course.  Golf gets a two thumbs up from me!  May 14, 2013 I had my first Professional Golf lesson, with Golf Pro!  I always have enjoyed watching the Golf Channel, since I was little, it is very fascinating sport & I find it very relaxing to watch & enjoy.

Fitness Champion in The Genes & Golf in the Genes


Above Photo of My Dad Dan Zimmerman & Mom Lori Zimmerman on Family vacation in Aruba this year

Fitness is in my genes & so is Golf! My grandfather was born & raised in Long Island New York & when my great grandfather & grandfather & all his cousins were young, they moved farther south from Long Island New York & bought a lot of land in Delaware. They became contractors & one of the most successful potato, grain, wheat & barley farming business on the east coast, winning Farm Family of The Year, with my Dad as President of the company, my Dad, Dan Zimmerman grew the business & is the President of Broad Acers Inc.  Perhaps that is what I really admire & I feel sets my dad a part form other Fitness & Bodybuilding Champions, not only is he all Natural, he does Fitness & Bodybuilding for lifestyle hobby & for profession runs a large business as President of Broad Acers Inc making big decisions internationally & working over 100 hours a week.  No matter how many work hours he has put in or how late it is, he will still hit the gym hard, he truly is my role model, amazing work ethic.

Dan Zimmerman 1980s Natural Body Building Champion Mr Delaware, Mr Eastern Shore, Fitness TV Best Body on Teach Ocean City Maryland Shawn Rene Fitness Cover Models Dad

Above & Below Photo of My Dad Dan Zimmerman in 1980’s Natural Bodybuilding Champion, My Dad has Won Titles of Mr NPC Eastern Shore, Mr  NPC Tri-State, Mr NPC Delaware & Fitness TV Best Body on The Beach Winner in Ocean City Maryland.

DadTrophys DanZimmerman

Above Photo My Dad Zimmerman, today, at age 58, Naturally Gladiator Fit!


Above & Below Photo my Dad taking the stage again competing after 24 years so I could watch him take the stage!  2011 Natural Bodybuilding Championships Regionals winning runner up!

Chest shawnrenezimmermandaddanzimmerman

I am so proud of my dad, I asked him to pose for camera, as he does not like taking photos, so I am happy I got this photo! My Dad & I on family vacation in Aruba

P1040431 Dan Zimmerman Natural Bodybuilding Champion Shawn Renes Dad arubamomdad1

My Mom & Dad Family Vacation in Aruba, we have a vacation home there, so we all look forward to all going together every year.  Teirra del sol country club golf resort  I am very close with & love my family so very much!

20566_1342584252226_1459821585_30949148_7632396_n Shawn Rene Zimmerman and her Mom Lori Zimmerman

My Mom & I in Aruba Family Island Vacation Tierra del sol country club Golf Resort


Family Vacation at one of my favorite Caribbean Golf Courses & Country Clubs,  Tierra del sol country club & Golf Resort in Aruba


My Brother Isaac, family vacation in Aruba, Tierra del sol country club & golf resort in Caribbean Beach of Aruba


My younger brother Isaac working out with me at Tierra del sol country club & golf resort in Aruba on family vacation, we still have to get our workout & fitness in!


On family vacation at Tierra del sol country club golf & spa resort

Golfing in the Genes

My grandfather’s cousin Jake Zimmerman also in the large family business of farming, enjoyed being an avid Golfer & was also the State Senator of Delaware. My grandfathers cousin Jake Zimmerman, son, Michael Zimmerman, (who I am very close with & personal train him 3x a week)  is a incredible golfer with deep roots in golf.  For many years he has honorably been to the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club attending the PGA Masters.  The Masters is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, in part because it Is played on the most exclusive golf courses in the world:  Augusta National Club House Georgia.  My Dads cousin, Michael Zimmerman, is friends with the Augusta owners & Masters PGA Pros & has enjoyed many lunches at the Augusta Club house with the Augusta Owners & Masters PGA Pros.  I enjoy hearing all of the historical stories of him being at the Augusta National Club House & PGA Masters event.  It is a real honor to be able to be a part of Augusta, Augusta course is the most prestigious exclusive golf course in the world.

Augusta National Golf Course

Augusta National Golf Course 18th hole

The Legendary PGA Golf  Pro Jack Nicklaus.

The Zimmerman Golf roots continue, my Dads cousin, Michael Zimmerman  is also friends with the legendary PGA Golf Pro Jack Nicklaus.  Zimmerman & Nicklaus both not only share passion for golf but for deep sea fishing.  Michael Zimmerman, has won awards for his deep sea fishing & his fish have been featured in sport fishing magazines.  Michael Zimmerman & Jack Nicklaus are not only avid golfers & also share passion for deep sea fishing as well & have enjoyed going deep sea fishing together.  Jack Nicklaus is the Golf legend & has won 73 PGA tour events in his career.

Sports Illustrated Cover with Jack Nicklaus “A Magnificent Masters”

Golf is a incredible sport, I have immense respect & salute athletes who Golf.  Stay tuned on golf workout fitness features, with me showing you & demonstrating specific workouts & sports medicine & fitness exercises to help with your golf game!

Below are candid photos of my first day at professional Golf lessons! These are candid photos taken from my blackberry phone, professional sports photographer was there taking photos of me on the golf course, stay tuned for those photos to come! 🙂

Shawn Rene Zimmerman Behind Scenes Golfing Candid Photo Pro Golfing Lessons


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Candid photo on Golf Course!

I am big on Positive Attitude & Positive Thinking,  what the Mind Sees & Believes the Body Can Achieve!

The only disability in life is a bad attitude, there are no limits in life, pursue your passions, they are precious Gifts from God for significant divine purpose!

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