Shawn Rene’s Memorial Weekend Sculpting Summer Natural Health Nutrition Tips!

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Sport Psychology is to the Mind, as Sports Nutrition is to the Body! Remove the Negative Toxics! ~ Shawn Rene ♥☺♬

Shawn Rene Sensational Summer Healthy Grilling & Cooking Tips!

~ Wrap Seafood Meats Veggies in Cedar Paper, Locks in Moisture for Delicious Taste & Protects from char-based Carcinogens!

~ Cook w/ Nontoxic, NonReactive Ceramic Skillets & Spatulas, free of leaching Toxic Chemicals

· ~ There is toxic ingredients in conventional cleaners. What you clean your Grill with ends up in your food as well & contains toxic chemicals. Clean Grill with Plant Based Biodegradeable Anitbacterial Grill Cleaner

~Avoid Processed Foods, they create Stress on Your Body & Nervous System. Stress can aggravate skin disorders & skin cancer, by damaging Immune Cells in the Skin

~ High Dietary Levels of Potassium & High Blood Levels of Potassium correlate to decreased free radical cell damage & decreased Cancer & Tumor Growth. Eat Potassium Packed Cancer Combating Foods: Avocados, Bananas, Oranges, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Spinach & Potatoes. Studies Show DECREASED Cancer rates with INCREASE Consumption of High Potassium Foods

Shawn Rene Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology Tips on Immunologic Deficiency Signs:

~Immunologic Zinc Deficiency: Decreased T&B Cell Function Increased Infections & Slow Healing

~Immunologic B5 Deficiency Symptoms: Lowered Immunity & Increased Irritation of Stress.

~Immunologic Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms: Low Energy Metabolism, Lower Cellular Immunity

Our Genes are influenced by Nucleic Acids, RNA & DNA. When RNA is affected, it influences Cell Activity & Muscle & Tissue Repair Healing. Nutritional Deficiencies you must be aware of & monitor & are serious, as they affect our Nucleic Acids RNA & DNA Cellular Activity, Muscle & Tissue Building Repair & Healing.