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Shawn rene zimmerman 2021 on beach 2021 OlympicsShawn rene zimmerman michael PhelpsThe Olympic season is here and it holds a very special place in my heart! Being a competitive athlete National & World Fitness Champion myself I know the hard work it takes to dial in and to be at your peak. Making sure your fitness and nutrition is at the optimal peak level definitely takes a scientific approach. Nutrition is key in energy, recovery, fat burning, muscle definition, mood and immune system strength!

I have also helped some of the very best Team USA Olympic Gold Medalist Athletes with their nutrition for their Olympic preparation! Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones and Tyler Clary. (See my previous blog titled “Olympics” for more info on that.)

The Olympics represents heart, drive, determination, work ethic, passion, dedication and excellence!

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My Olympic Team USA 🇺🇸 2021 tribute photoshoot! Below are photos of series of photoshoots I just did last week! Team USA Swimwear, active, lifestyle and glamour.

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Shawn rene zimmerman 2021 Olympics swimsuit

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🦋💙💫Let’s make this your best year yet!💕🎊💫 If you want to make this your best year yet, there are multiple sides of wellness that you need to consider if you want to live a healthier, happier and better life. When most people think of wellness they instantly think of their physical health. And while this is a very crucial part of being well it’s not the only thing. Its vital to combine physical fitness, nutrition and mental positive health as well. Its up to you today to start making healthy choices. When personal training my clients I like to make sure to combine motivation, physical fitness, nutrition and positive 💕encouragement! 🙏💕Combining choices that are healthy for the body, mind & spirit! ❤️A healthy outside starts from the ❤️inside! 🙏Total health is nourishing your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit! – 💕ShawnRene💕 My absolute favorite professor and advisor in college, NFL Sports Psychologist, instilled in me the power of positive thinking, visualization and mindfulness. Who ever we are around and whatever we think and choose to listen to impacts our energy and outcome – .ShawnRene💕

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basic of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”- John F. Kennedy
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Our DNA 🧬 is impacted by our Nutrition. 🔑 You are what you eat. According to two new genetic studies, you are what your mother, father, grandparents and great-grandparents ate, too! 💕Diet can so alter the nature of one’s DNA❤️ that those changes can be passed on to the progeny. While this much has been speculated for years, researchers in two independent studies have found ways in which this likely is happening. The findings, which involve epigenetics, may help explain the increased genetic risk that children face compared to their parents for diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression from outside forces. Different from a mutation, epigenetic changes lie not in the DNA itself but rather in its surroundings, the enzymes & other chemicals that orchestrate how a DNA molecule unwinds its various sections to make proteins or even new cells. Recent studies have shown how nutrition dramatically alters the health appearance of otherwise identical mice. A group at Duke University demonstrated how mouse clones implanted as embryos in separate mothers will have radical differences in fur color, weight & risk for chronic diseases depending on what that mother was fed during pregnancy. That is, the nutrients or lack of thereof changed the DNA environment in such a way that the identical DNA in these mouse clones expressed itself in very different ways. Such effects on a single generation have been known. Stanford University scientists who found exceptional, positive effects on longevity from nutrition. It is possible that eating more omega-3 fatty acids, choline, betaine, folic acid and vitamin B12, by mothers & fathers can alter chromatin state & mutations, as well as have beneficial effects, leading to birth of a super offspring. The quality of your nutrition not only impacts you it will also have direct impact on your future. Eat exceptionally not only for your current peak performance also to keep your DNA healthy.❤️ShawnRene❤️💫 #holistichealthcoach #science #sportsmedicine #healthconscious #healthylifestyle #health #sciencefacts #healthwellness #healthwellnesscoach #healthwellness #gene

Shawn rene zimmerman 2021 on beach 2021 Olympics

❤️☀️Move your body properly to gain strength, flexibility, longevity and vitality! While some may think of movement as something that is coordinated between the brain and the bones, it requires an entire supporting cast of soft tissue. For the body to be able to move, tendons, muscles and ligaments all must snap into action at once. Basically, muscles, tendons and ligaments work together to provide movement and stability in the skeletal system.
💫Ligaments are made of fibrous collagen tissue that connects bones together at the joint to stabilize the joint, support the bones and prevent the bones from grinding into each other. Ligaments have a limited amount of stretching ability, which protects joints from injury. 💪The human body has approximately 900 ligaments.
💫Tendons also are made of fibrous collagen tissue. Their job is to be the force between muscle and bone. Each muscle has a tendon attached to the end of it, which then connects to a bone. When the muscle contracts, the tendon pulls the bone into action.
Tendons are not designed to stretch very much, in order to protect the muscle.
There are approximately 4,000 tendons in the human body, but the exact count depends on a person’s size and muscle mass.Muscles are made of bundles of elastic, fibrous tissue that provide force, strength and motion to the body. Unlike the tissues that comprise ligaments and tendons, muscle tissue is built to stretch significantly.
💫There are more than 600 skeletal muscles in the body. Like tendons, skeletal muscles can be strained when muscle fibers tear. This is referred to as a pulled muscle. Such an injury usually is not serious and can be healed at home. Between one quarter and one half of a person’s body weight is made up of muscle.
If all your muscles pulled together in one direction, they could lift 25 tons. ❤️💫

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