Dads Birthday 🎁

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Shawn rene zimmerman health fitness Dan zimmerman fitness family fitness champions family fitness Shawn Rene Zimmerman Dan zimmerman father daughter family fitness 🌟🎉❤️Happy Birthday to My Awesome ❤️DAD, Dan Zimmerman! ❤️❤️A father is the first man in a woman’s life and the most influential. Thank you Dad for being such a role model in every way, always caring for, loving your family with all of heart and might! I am so thankful to be blessed with such loving & caring Dad! Thankful for everything you do for our family! Always making sure we are taken care of and going above and beyond to make us feel loved and safe. Thank you for having a heart of Gold and always giving us your best. Thank you for teaching us to put ❤️family first, always strive for excellence. To live with drive, passion, heart, love, kindness, integrity. This is where I get my passion for health, fitness, athletics, passion and drive. This is who set the bar high for me and incredible example to me, along with my amazing mother. This is who took me to the gym as soon as I could walk, as I always wanted to be by his side!
This is who taught me how to weight train. My mom or dad would take me to dance/ballet lessons and I was eager to go to the gym to weight train with my dad right after. This is who I loved making homemade protein pancakes with in the morning. This is who gave me my passion for sports as we watched ESPN, Sports Center, NFL Network & Fitness TV together. This is who I also got my passion for action movies Rocky, 007 James Bond movies. This the man who taught me to dream big, work hard with passion and all things are possible.

This is an amazing man who loves his family and takes the best care of them. Health, fitness and athletics teaches you to strive for excellence and success in everything you do and it will proceed into all areas of your life! Family pics of my Dad, Mom & Brother Isaac Zimmerman.

“Find a father who loves his child and you will have found the spark of life.”

Gods greatest blessing is ❤️Family & Love!❤️

Shawn Rene Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman