VIP Elite

VIP Elite


You get the luxury of 4 months of Celebrity Health & Fitness Expert Shawn Rene Customizing Your Detailed Health, Fitness, Workouts, Supplementation & Superior Nutrition Plans! Includes BONUS of Five Motivational, Evaluating & Educational, 30min Live Personal Phone Health & Fitness VIP Consulting with Shawn Rene!

You also get Bonus of weekly & daily interaction from Shawn Rene!



You will have the luxury of Shawn Rene personally formulating your Nutrition plan, Supplementation, Health & Fitness program & Workouts for four months! She closely evaluates your progress, strengths & weaknesses, muscle imbalances & even evaluates your vitamin deficiencies! She will Evaluate & Transform your overall Health & Fitness Condition & create custom meal plan, delicious Health & Fitness Recipes & workouts for your specific fitness level & goals. She makes weekly changes as she sees fit. Once you meet your goals she customizes a maintenance program for you to maintain your desired Health & Fitness. In addition, you get direct contact with her once a week, at the beginning of each week, she personally emails you one of her Health & Fitness Scientific Tips & Shawn Rene Delicious Health & Fitness Recipes, Shawn Rene Health & Fitness Motivation & Shawn Rene’s Personal Workout Moves of the week! At the beginning of Every week you get Fresh, Invigorating, Challenging, Transforming Workouts & her Delicious Recipes & Motivation to Refresh & Sculpt your body! You get the Luxury of Shawn Rene Evaluation your Nutriition, Supplementation & Workouts over all Health & Fitness Weekly! Keeping you Focused, Excited, Positive, Motivated! Shawn Rene Personally Guides & Catapults to Achieve your Health & Fitness for the Results you have always wanted! Shawn Rene cares for her clients & takes pride in you achieving your goals & Bringing out the Best In You! Transforming your Life Inside & Out! It is her passion to enhance your Quality of Life & help you achieve your Highest Quality of Health & Fitness for Lifetime of Health & Fitness!