Teen Girl Nutrition

Teen Girl Nutrition


Teen Girl Nutrition program created specifically by Shawn Rene. This is a crucial stage in a teen girls life, where they struggle with body image. Most teen girls are looking for guidance & a role model to help with specific nutrition to be in top health & fitness shape.



Have Shawn Rene be your role model or your teens role model as their personal Nutrition mentor. Many young girls go about it the wrong way & have eating disorders. Shawn Rene has worked with clients with eating disorders & is passionate about helping today’s youth with their health & fitness! Working one on one with Shawn Rene, learning & growign for a Lifetime of Health & Fitness!


(This is a one month program & you can purchase VIP interaction & long term bigger packages in Shawn Rene's store. You can also buy two of these packages, it will equal two months training. You can buy month to month for these packages & Shawn Rene's VIP packages. Once you buy the package, Shawn Rene personally emails you welcome message & health history & fitness questions for you so she can structure your Ten Girl Nutrition Program! Shawn Rene then begins creating your nutrition program & sculpting you! You will also recieve one 15 min phone consultation with Shawn Rene!)