Professional Athlete Sports Nutrition

Professional Athlete Sports Nutrition


To perform at the elite professional athlete level you have to fuel your body in the highest way. Eighty percent of your performance energy, strength, power, muscle recovery, mood, energy level, immune system strength, and muscle tone stems from your nutrition!



Sports Nutrition is crucial if you want to look, feel & be at your best health & fitness level!

(This is a one month program & you can purchase VIP interaction & long term bigger packages in Shawn Rene's store. You can also buy two of these packages, it will equal two months training. You can buy month to month for these packages & Shawn Rene's VIP packages. Once you buy the package, Shawn Rene personally emails you welcome message & health history & fitness questions for you so she can structure your nutrition! Shawn Rene then begins creating your nutrition program & sculpting you! You will also recieve one 15 min phone consultation with Shawn Rene!)