Pregnancy Healthy Fit Nutrition

Pregnancy Healthy Fit Nutrition


Healthy & Fit Nutrition Pregnancy Nutrition program. Shawn Rene has worked with Pregant women all through their Pregancy training them in health & fitness. You can feel fabulous healthy & fit while you are pregnant if you are eating specifically. It is crucial to eat a certain way & not just eat everything & anything. What you put in your body now will affect how fast your body recovers from the pregnancy.



The Nutrition you eat during this time affects the health & fitness level of your child. You must feed your body with specific nutrients to grow your healthy & fit baby. Not only will you be fueling for your baby making sure they are Healthy, you also will be feeling Happy, Healthy & Fit. When there are nutrient imbalances you will feel more fatigue & emotional & hormonal imbalances.

(This is a one month program & you can purchase VIP interaction & long term bigger packages in Shawn Rene's store. You can also buy two of these packages, it will equal two months training. You can buy month to month for these packages & Shawn Rene's VIP packages. Once you buy the package, Shawn Rene personally emails you welcome message & health history & fitness questions for you so she can structure your nutrition! Shawn Rene then begins creating your nutrition program & sculpting you! You will also recieve one 15 min phone consultation with Shawn Rene!)