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Shawn Rene zimmerman health fitness fashion ❤️Happy December! Its The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! ❤️As the winter cold sets in, you might find your workout routine disrupted by chilly winds or icy conditions. Though it’s tempting to come home and curl up under a blanket, you need to keep moving all winter long. Not only will it help you stay in shape and prepared for spring weather, but it can help fend off colds and flu, burn off that holiday weight and keep you happy and upbeat even when you miss the sunshine! Enjoy a healthy workout program and stick with it for a happier, healthier winter!

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Winter Woe: You’re too comfy on the couch to break a sweat.
Fix-it trick: Don’t settle on your sofa for the rest of the night until you’ve completed your workout for the day. It’s a motivation killer. Change from your work clothes directly into workout wear — skip the pj’s! — when you get home.

Winter Woe: Your body’s chemical switch has flipped to storing more fat.
Fix-it trick: Get your motor running. When University of Colorado researchers studied a group of 12 women and six men in both summer and winter, they discovered that their production of ATLPL, a chemical that promotes fat storage, almost doubled during the winter and dropped during the summer. But you’re not doomed to don fat pants all season, scientists say. Exercise increased SMLPL, the muscle enzyme that promotes the burning of fat, to offset the pudge-promoting effects of ATLPL. Adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase (ATLPL) provides free fatty acids (FFA) for storage in adipocytes, whereas in skeletal muscle LPL (SMLPL) provides FFA for oxidation. People who are normally physically active on regular workout regimens are more protected from weight gain in the winter months! ❤️Shawn Rene  #health #december #motivate #healthylifestyle #trainer #personaltrainer #inspire #behealthy #liveyourbestlife


Shawn Rene zimmerman health fitness fashion