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Shawn Rene zimmerman fitness modeling in muscle & fitness here magazine

(Photo from me demonstrating exercises using cable machines in Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine!)

Being able to perform exercises in multiple ranges of motion one of the many benefits of including cable machine exercises in your workout!

Stepping away from barbells and using cables can help increase your strength, toning and break a fitness plateau. While using the cable machine, it increases your range of motion and you can be more creative with your workouts! You can perform multiple exercises at the same time, increasing your exercise routine efficiency. You can also combine exercises increasing your strength, flexibility, tone and balance all at the same time! I love using the cable machines for my personal workouts and for my clients personal training workouts. They love them too!

A cable machine allows you the freedom to move the way you want to move, and choose the path and motion of the exercise or movement. It provides a smooth, non-jerky concentric and eccentric contraction (shortening & lengthening of the muscle) while exercising.

A cable machine also enables you to perform more exercise variations for multiple muscle groups and allows you to go light or heavy with resistance.

This equipment is generally safe, beginners are less likely to get injured using a cable machine compared with free weights or traditional weight machines.

Clients that I train that are golfers with tight hips, shoulders or back muscles love my workouts on the cable machines. Those who have shoulder and back issues greatly benefit from using the cable machine. You can position your body in such a way that the exercise will stretch as well as strengthen. This is due to the cable allowing your body and muscles to shorten and lengthen. My clients describe it as they just got a massage. Their muscles feel decompressed and elongated after. If you have tight or weak shoulders or back muscles, it will be excellent addition. Additionally a weak core or those who have an incompetence in balance will greatly benefit! There are so many creative ways you can strengthen your core and balance on the cable machine. I love to get creative. The cable and apparatus acts as a stability force where you can control the tension with the weight you choose. It is excellent for beginners to the elderly, to advanced to pro athletes!


  • Shawn Rene zimmerman fitness modeling in muscle & fitness here magazine